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Our team puts your business strategy at the forefront. We have assembled expert consultants, business architects, and customer relationship specialists to complement your team and help drive your projects.

Digital banking is rightfully termed as transformational – we will work with you holistically, building the capabilities for long-term success.

Starting with the end goal in mind provides the clarity for design, prioritization of activities and measures of success. In our advisory stage, we jointly imagine and plan the desired end-result grounded in the bank’s strategy and existing context.

We then architect the components of DBOS to fit in your bank, deploying what is needed to achieve your strategy. We also understand that you may want to customize, or need things we don’t provide. We will work with you to either provide it or identify best-of-breed 3rd party solutions.

All with agility.

The world changes. People change. DBOS changes. We work with clients to accompany them in their evolution to meet new challenges. We do this simply by adding or changing the relevant component. No more major overhauls. Evolution made simple and fast.

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A company’s structure mirrors its product and communication.
TechnOrion adopts an operating model based on agility – our squads take ownership of micro-services, from inception to delivery and beyond, in rapid iterations.
Responsive. Focused.

Digital Banking
is in our DNA.

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