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Why digital banking?

Strategies may differ: competition or cooperation with FinTechs, fundamental revenue growth, cost efficiency requirements or increased customer satisfaction… however, digital banking is key to the transformation of banks and credit unions from peripheral financial institutions to the core of the interconnected digital economy.

What is the DBOS platform.

A digital banking platform that enables seamless end-to-end transaction processing. For bank clients. For bank employees.

A market-driven and experience-proven platform upon which all banking functionality and activities can run. Consistently. Reliably. At scale.

A flexible solution serving your clients in rapidly changing financial journeys through the most relevant channels. Be it bank channels or continually new FinTechs ones.

DBOS is the operating system of digital banks.

Traditional digital strategies for banks don’t work anymore.

You need a rapid, efficient, and fundamental digital transformation. Future proof.

Digital Banking FinApps.

We have built a suite of essential FinApps Financial Applications – ones we believe are core to a bank’s value proposition to individual and institutional clients. With DBOS, banks can also access 3rd party FinTech applications. A true open banking platform.

Our ultimate objective: the most natural and frictionless experience.

True digital banking serves as much bank clients as it empowers bank employees to better serve clients.

We deliver the tools and services required by modern nimble banks to improve their customer service and offering. Customer first, always.

End User Modules

Self-service account management across the whole account life-cycle from opening to closing ( demand / term deposits, loans, cards, …)

Combination of direct processing and service requests to accommodate the bank’s operating model and capabilities

New prospects or cross/upsell existing customers across multiple products (cards, loans, …)

Visibility into application lifecycle, with review, approval and acceptance, …

Global Net Worth with account aggregation & asset valuation (incl. real time balances, securities portfolio…)

Safe to Spend decision support based on Saving Goals and Spending Habits

Budget Planner with smart financial calendar and auto-suggestions based on history of connected accounts

Fund Transfers (intrabank, interbank domestic and int’l, cash walk-in…)

Event-Driven Standing Orders (non-calendar based triggers) including scheduling, historical/future review, …

Advanced transaction management with multi-leg processing, complex client/bank defined multi-layer approval workflows, expiry rules, …

Bulk transfers including single-debit multi-credit covering payroll processing, dividends distributions…

Fully configurable sweeps/simulations many-to-many concentration accounts, target/min/max/zero balance, overflow rules …)

Notional pooling allowing submittal of transaction across pooled accounts

Hierarchical wallets with full lifecycle management (onboarding, multi-instrument provisioning, transfers, contactless payment, wallet limits…)

Account Verification Services, confirming ownership of accounts or facilitating KYC procedures by employing the bank verified data

Dynamic multi-currency customizable dashboards with reporting widgets

Transaction history with advanced income and expense analysis and transaction status monitoring (executed, pending, hold, …)

Intelligent transaction categorization (pre-defined/custom) with advanced self-learning AI engine

TradeFin Control Center including LC/LG issuance, updates, notifications and reporting

Bill Discounting/Factoring

FX with integration to treasury (branch rates, spot rates with deal approval)

Dynamic creation, presentment and maintenance of a catalog of payment requests and bills

Biller integration or self-onboarding

Multiple payment types/instruments (credit cards, transfers, e-cash…) and Micropayment with throttling ability

Flexible collections, settlements and reconciliation (escrow, STP…)

Bank Modules

Limits Management with deeply hierarchical and configurable accrual of financial limits and usage controls

Unified auditing with context-enriched granular trails of user/system actions, behaviors, and transactions across all underlying banking systems

Logging service securely encrypted

Identity management and governance service with single sign-on capability

Entitlement system fully configurable and contextual, granting granular implicit / explicit permissions (use, approve, grant) to organization, users and roles (individual or grouped)

Customer Enrollment and Onboarding journeys

Complex customer persona with multi-dimension segmentation

Rule-based real-time dynamic profiling of customers to accompany them during their “Moment of Truth”

Customer 360° with contextual on-the-fly info for CSR/RMs (KYC, history…)

Customer Service (inquiries, complaints, …) & Service Requests management (cards, cheques…)

Multi-modal communications (secure mail, push not., alerts …) with contact verification and expiry rules (time-to-live…)

Event-driven real-time analytics with hierarchical aggregates

Business and technical use cases (Bank API usage for PSD2 business models, deep insights from data aggregation in PFM, …

Personalized and configurable dashboards for all levels of bank and client management

Dynamic personalization of services based on real-time customer profiling

Hyper contextualization based on enriched event information (e.g., geolocation, time, channel, …)

Generic account personalization such as nicknames, preferred viewing currency…

Under the hood.

Based on an event-driven micro-service architecture, we built DBOS from the ground up to be a world-class digital banking platform with the maximum possible flexibility.

Our robust multi-layer architecture enables:

  • The abstraction of banking systems and the extension of their functionality, protecting you from painful upgrades of legacy systems
  • The centralization of communication flows cross-systems and channels allowing effective analytics, monitoring and auditing
  • The customization of back-end processes to suit bank and local regulatory requirements and best practices
  • The rapid creation of natural and personalized journeys, exposed via a robust Bank API to all relevant channels

DBOS modular architecture means we work with your agenda, delivering the necessary building blocks to your value added. One size does not fit all.

Banking reinvented.

Dynamic scalability of services with the growth of the business.

Modularity in the choice of relevant microservices that complement or supplement existing bank services.

Seamless experience with transaction continuity through session persistence and channel consistency

Centralized cross-channel transaction business rules and processes ( digital/ self-service or physical/assisted)

Easily understood RESTful Bank APIs with broad functionalities externally exposed via secured API Gateway

Continuously aligning to standards including PSD2-RTS, UK Open Banking standard, …

Sandbox for 3rd party or bank DevOps to safely create/test new services

Protection/life-extension of existing investments in back-end systems, allowing their reuse in modern user experiences.

Full abstraction and controlled presentation of all bank system functionalities / capabilities, not just a subset.

Protection/life-extension of existing investments in back-end systems, allowing their reuse in modern user experiences.

Full abstraction and controlled presentation of all bank system functionalities / capabilities, not just a subset.

Authentication rule engine configurable for multilevel models.

Integrated MFA (soft token, biometric), with non-repudiation (e.g., QR Code).

Compliant with global security standards including PSD2-SCA, OWASP, OAuth2, PCI/DSS including credential tokenization.

Digital Banking
is in our DNA.

Ready to start?