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Where are we heading?

We define ourselves as creators and architects of world class technology underpinning the day-to-day financial relationships and interactions of people and institutions.

How will we achieve this?

We will work with forward-looking institutions to challenge the status quo of existing banking services and payment infrastructure. We will continually innovate to achieve frictionless, intuitive and natural user experiences.

Meet the senior team.

André Zein

Product Strategy & Architecture
  • Over 30 years in information technology with deep expertise in financial services
  • Architect of the digital banking and payment infrastructure platforms, and technology guru
  • Prior experience in technology services with Ejada Systems (KSA), Computer Associates (USA), Ingres Ltd. (UK), CNS (UAE), MDS (Lebanon)

Chady Zein

Strategy & Business Development
  • Over 15 years of professional experience, specialized in consulting and investments in tech
  • Leads corporate and business development efforts, strategic partnerships, and new business models with clients
  • Prior experience in VC and advisory focused on financial services at Booz&Co and Inventis (MENA region), and management and tech for industrials (USA)

Walid Zein

Governance & Oversight
  • Over 20 years of professional experience specialized in technology, investment banking / private equity
  • Provides strategic direction and support to executive management
  • Banking, private equity and consulting experience at Valoris Capital and EFG-Hermes PE (MENA), Goldman Sachs and BCG (UK, France)

Digital Banking
is in our DNA.

Ready to start?